Brand Strategist & Website Designer
Certified Wix Expert & Partner
Founder: Style It Yourself Course 
DIY Wix Website Design Course

Owner: The Loft 30A

I got my start as an entrepreneur in 2012 where I started my first business online. 
I grew my business 100% through my blog and social media, going on to be one of the top recruiters in my company and being featured in Success from Home Magazine with an international organization ( + customers from all over the world). 

With this experience, I was able to volunteer at a local women's organization where I oversaw the online branding, strategy, marketing, and advertising where I grew the organization by 200% within a 6 month time period. 

Because of my skills in the online space, I was hired by a local tourism bureau to oversee the marketing, strategy, social media, campaign, and graphics as well as some website design and development. (on paper I was the "Marketing Assistant" but I was completing the job of an Executive Director). 

It was at my time with the tourism bureau that I realized the people who needed help the most were the local and small businesses in the area. I realized if I could help them thrive online, I would be able to make a difference. 

So, in 2017, I started my own marketing agency where I have since partnered with Wix and become a certified Wix Expert - sought after by other agencies and designers for consulting.  In addition, I've worked with local & small businesses, start-ups, as well as consulted for 6, 7, & 8 figure brands from all over the world. 

My specialty is seeing the vision for the brand or business, being able to capture and convey this through online presence (website and social media) and then use my strategy & marketing skills to get the business in front of ideal customers while generating revenue and leads. 

Now, I have a marketing agency and team that consists of logo designers, graphic artists, website designers, developers, ad advertising + marketing specialists. 

In addition, as a business owner myself, all of the strategy and marketing I use for my clients is what I use in my own business. It isn't guesswork: it's what's actually working right now

Previous Work
& Experience

Acted as Executive Director
Tourism Bureau

Managed Social Media, Graphics, Strategy, & Campaign Management

P31 Candles

Website, E-Commerce Store & Set-Up, Branding, Logo, Graphics, Social Media, Online Sales, 2015


Lead Capture Landing Page for her Business

Lady Lulu's

Online Boutique, E-Commerce, 2017 & 2018

Kingdom Mom Podcast

Top 10 Christian Mom Podcast, branding, advertising campaigns, website, graphics, & lead generation, 2019

Synergy Fitness & Wellness

Website, Brand Strategy, Graphics, Logo, & Consulting
Project: 2019
*Current Clients

Someone Believes in You (Non-Profit)

Advertising Campaign

Coursovery (France)

Strategy & Consulting

Francine Rivera

Lash Studio, Destin

Social Media & Advertising Campaign

Style It Yourself Course

Website Design + Social Media Advertising and Lead Generation

Watchman Supply

Website, Logo, Strategy, Branding, Graphics, E-commerce Products, 2020

Susie Romans


Facebook Ad Campaigns

Susie Romans


Current Projects
& Clients

Remi Bertoli, 
Finland, Agency Owner

Design & Development: 
Design & Development: 
(they since altered my original design)

Design, graphics, & marketing for promotional materials in magazines, brochures, advertisements, and catalogs.

Management of Social Media Page and Events
Page Grew from 1,000 to  2,200 likes during my time there

"Sara will really be missed here. She did wonderful things and really is excellent at what she does. I don't blame her for going on her own and I am certain she will do well.  Simply put; we couldn't afford her. Her skills exceed what we were able to pay her." - Mike M. 

She has temporarily closed her candle boutique due to health issues, but you can view the site here:
Facebook Page:
grew page to 2,066 "likes" & ads on page to make sales

Working with Sara means you're more than just a number. She gets to know you as a person. She cares about your business and will do what she can to help you succeed. You're working with a good person" - Lisa

Website Design & Sales Funnel:
She wanted it to match her brand and her company's colors / design. 

- we worked on social media marketing and advertising in 2017 and 2018
*she has since closed her boutique to pursue other business opportunities

Website Design:

"Sara is one of the few designers who actually does what she says she's going to do when she's going to do it. We had an additional project come up that needed work and we didn't hesitate to work with her. She is worth every penny!" - Lindsay A. 

Website Design:

We worked on their lead generation & are continually helping them grow their community

"Sara helped us with our website and we are so grateful for her! To be honest, originally we were going to go with another designer simply because they were cheaper . . . but we're so glad we didn't. She is worth it! Her team is great to work with. We appreciate Sara and everything she has done for our business so much!" 


We helped this life coach with our branding package and were managing her branding and social media for a period of time. In addition we were also hired to perform an advertising campaign for her in which we generated leads and nearly $3,000 in revenue in 2 weeks and increased page engagement by over 500%. 

I consulted with the founder of Coursovery to give marketing & strategy advice to generate revenue, grow the business.

"Sara is very helpful, very knowledgeable. Friendly and good advice with the guidance to how to grow my business online. I appreciate her help very much. "
- Davy M.

I consulted to help him start his Wix Website Agency & Give Tips. "I met Sara in our design community. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable, am very grateful for her advice and her time." - Remi

"If you're thinking about working with Sara . . . RUN! Don't walk!. She's absolutely brilliant" - Francine R

We ran successful (profitable) ad campaigns for this client on instagram and facebook to generate leads and new clients.

This is my own course that I launched in 2020
I did the design and development of the website as well as the advertising campaigns. Officially launched in October 2020 and have generated nearly $5,000 to date in sales all through facebook and instagram ads. 


We completed the branding and photos for all of his products in the e-commerce store, branding, strategy, etc. This was a massive project for 2020. 

"Thank you so much for all of your help! We can't thank you enough for what you've done for our business. So far everyone who has visited the site loves the site design, we've been hearing great feedback!" - Brad H. 

"This was very helpful. Thank you. I feel like I definitely have some more direction on where to go now." - Susie 

"This was very helpful. Thank you. I feel like I definitely have some more direction on where to go now." - Susie

We've done various (profitable) facebook advertising campaigns and worked with Dentists, Life Coaches, Course Creators, Chiropractors, Tourism-Related Business, Real Estate Agents & more through our "Lightspeed Leads" Program where we use highly targeted facebook / instagram ads to generate leads and revenue

Jennifer Asen, World-Renowned Hair Stylist & Product Creator, Canada 
Strategy, Marketing, Campaigns

Amber Voight, Instagram Influencer (150K followers), Top-Earner, Boutique Owner

Brian Blackbird, West Texas Beef Company
Website Redesign and Marketing

Chris Robinson, "WIN NETWORK" 
#2 Earner in the Company, #6 Earner Worldwide 
Website Revamp, Social Media Management, Graphics, Email Campaign

Wisco Tree Team, LLC, Rome, WI
Website Update 
site in progress here:


The Northwoods & Beyond

In 2020, we decided to make The Northwoods (Minocqua, WI) our permanent location and only have our vacation place in Florida. This was a big decision for us, but being from Wisconsin and having vacationed her our entire lives and staying here for the full summer the previous 2 years, we knew it was the right decision. 

As such, we have decided to keep our clients and business location on the Emerald Coast, but are now open to start serving local clients here in this magical pocket of The Northwoods from St. Germain, Minocqua, to Manitowish Waters and Boulder Junction. 
Initially we will be a virtual agency, but hopefully in the future a physical location or storefront will be in the works. 

It's my goal to bring my expertise to help businesses here in the Northwoods thrive online and to be able to share this slice of heaven with the world. 

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