How to Choose the Best Wix Plan & Ascend Plan that Fits Your Needs & Budget

Hello and welcome to this resource post where we will help you decide which Wix Plans will best fit your needs and budget. Attached is a short tutorial video to accompany this article that will help explain it a little bit better.


- if you only need a website and will not be accepting payments or needing forms; you can do a Website-Only Premium Plan and we recommend the Unlimited Option

- if you are accepting payments or e-commerce on your site we recommend: A Business & E-Commerce Plan: The Wix Business Unlimited Option (do the annual option to save money AND take advantage of a free domain and ad vouchers) - if you are going to be sending price quotes, using contact forms, doing email marketing, and want to take advantage of the CRM or automations; we recommend upgrading to the Wix Ascend Plan. Do the month-to-month option that fits your needs. (for most businesses we work with the Basic Plan will work just fine)

Monthly VIP Client Retainer Packages - Available Only to Current or Existing Clients

By the way, if you are one of our personal clients, your first month of Wix is on us while we are finishing up your Wix project.

If you decide that after the project ends; if you would like to continue with one of our monthly VIP Client Retainer Packages the cost of your website hosting will be included with one of our VIP Plans. You can view our VIP Monthly Plans here: Prior to the website turnover, if you decide you would like to take over the website that's when you would select your Wix Plan & Ascend Plan.

We can take care of this for you if you fill out the credit card authorization form or we can include a short tutorial on how to do this yourself.


We are thrilled that with all of the features offered by the Wix Premium & Ascend Plans

. . . it is saving some of our clients an average of $250+ / months by having to purchase all of the different apps & extensions separately that are now offered as an all-in-one solution right through the Ascend Platform. If you don't quite understand all of what Wix Ascend is or why we recommend it (and if it's right for you) . . . I recommend watching this video.

Keep in mind: the Wix Premium Plans and Wix Ascend Plans are (2) separate types of plans for your site. You do not need to purchase an Ascend Plan unless you are a business that plans to take advantage of some of the advanced features that Ascend offers such as: + Contact Manager + Invoicing + Email Marketing + Automations . . . however if you are a business that is offering paid plans, plans to have contact forms on your site, or is accepting clients or has a shop . . . we highly recommend Ascend. BUT FIRST: before upgrading to Ascend and in order to connect your website to a domain;

you must start with a Wix Premium Plan.

There are (2) levels of this: Website only OR Business & E-Commerce.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? The "Website" Only Options are for those that would just have more of an information site or landing page. In which case we recommend the "Unlimited" Plan for $17 / month that is perfect for entrepreneurs & freelancers.

IF YOU NEED TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS. . . or have an online store you will want to ensure that you have selected a "Business & E-Commerce" Plan from within the Premium Options. In this case . . . we recommend the "Business Unlimited" or "Business Basic" Options as we have found that is able to fit the needs of most of our clients.

The price is displayed as the monthly price if you purchase an ANNUAL plan, but when you click on the "select" button it will give you different payment options that include additional savings for purchasing annually OR a month-to-month option BONUSES AVAILABLE WHEN YOU PAY ANNUALLY:

When you purchase an annual plan; you receive (1) free custom domain (yay!) and additional ad vouchers. These are not offered with a month-to-month plan.

As you can see from the photo above; the Business Unlimited Plan is $27 / month when paid annually (saving you $72) OR it is $33 / month.


When purchasing Wix Ascend . . . the SIMPLEST way to do it is to access the "Email Marketing" tab inside of your Wix Website Dashboard. If you don't know how to access the dashboard please visit the Dashboard tutorial inside of the Style-It-Yourself course, or contact our team to schedule a Wix Demo or Training.

From there you can click on the "Upgrade" button on the top right corner of the site. This is the simplest way because then the Ascend Plan will automatically connect to the Wix Website that you are currently on. You can also compare the features of each plan and decide which one will work best for you and where your business is going. I also recommend going month to month with Wix Ascend. The reason for this is because if your business suddenly increases, you have more email contacts, or you want to upgrade your plan; it's much easier to do than to have to try and cancel a current plan and then upgrade.

Do you have a question? Please feel free to reach out! Would you like to schedule a LIVE demo? We'd be happy to help. We currently offer 30 minute and 60 minute live demo consultations OR you can purchase a bundled pack and we will do live walk-through trainings. If you are one of our private clients and it is within the 30 Days of Free Support . . . OR you are on one of our Monthly VIP Client Packages; please use your promo code when booking the consultation. Thank you! We hope you found this post valuable. MORE RESOURCES: Book a Complementary Consultation:

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