Curating Images for Your Brand: How to Create a New Collection on Unsplash

In this short tutorial we're going to show you step-by-step how to create a new collection of images on Unsplash Unsplash is one of our favorite high-quality image data-bases that we've have chosen to partner with & that we use for our VIP clients.

Whether you're one of our clients and we're working together to curate images for your brand; or you've happened to stumble across this training somewhere on the internet,

we hope you find this helpful! - The Loft 30A Team 🐚

Step 1.) Access & Your Curated Images . . . if you are a client; you will want to use the link we sent you via email to access the images we have curated for you. If you aren't a client you will simply go to and create a new account (it's free!)

Step 2.) Save Images to a New Collection . . . if you're selecting which images you'd like our content strategists to use; simply hover over an image and click on the "plus" sign. Then you can select the "Create New Collection" option. Once the green plus mark appears you have successfully added this image to a new collection! Only save the images that you would like us to use to your New Collection. and that's it! You can always browse Unsplash for images as well around certain topic! If you have any questions and you are a client; please login to the client portal and email our client concierge from there! Here is the video tutorial:

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