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Hello and Welcome to The Loft 30A
My name is Sara and I'm honored you're considering

myself & my studio for your website design project.
We are a premier branding + advertising agency & design studio

that works specifically with luxury and lifestyle brands
who want to elevate their expertise and upgrade their brand's online presence. 

We do this through a killer combination of websites that 
blend scroll-stopping style and strategy. 

A Little About Me:  👋 
I was featured in Success from Home Magazine after ranking up to the top 50 in my company and building an international organization.
Because of my success as an entrepreneur I had the amazing experience to ac as the director of marketing & acting executive director for a local tourism bureau where I worked with 8-figure businesses.

This experience led me to understand that I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs and individuals who have a passion for their product.


I am an expert designer with over 10 years of experience and recognized as a featured designer by my current platform
and have designed on all major platforms
(Wordpress, GoDaddy, Joomla, Squarespace, & Weebly) 

In the guide I explain which platform we exclusively design on now and why we chose this (& if you'd like to talk more about the different platforms I would be happy to take the time to do so during our consultation!)

I Have Experience Working With: 
+ Luxury Spas & Salons
+ Wellness & Fitness Centers 
+ Coaches
+ Course Creators
+ Makeup Artists and Brands
+ Top Industry Leaders in NWM and D/S
+ Creating Team Training Sites or Membership Sites

My Ideal Client for a Custom Project:
+ Has been in business 2-3 years
+ Already made their first 6 Figures (or is on their way!)

+ Has a #NextLevel / Investment Mindset
+ Doesn't want to DIY it & wants to hand off the stress & set-up to an expert

so they can continue to operate in their core genius. 

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